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NEW! Learn to Read Yiddish – A free online resource that teaches you how to read Yiddish really fast. The practice words are all words that you already know (e.g. bagel, kvetch, chutzpah, etc) and you use your new reading skills to figure them out. Very cool and fun – check out

Yiddish Names – I’m working on my own list, see this list of female Yiddish names, male names coming soon.

Free Machine

Yiddish Dictionaries – Printed: At this time, the best Yiddish dictionaries are not available online. If you are serious about learning or translating Yiddish, you will need to buy one in print. Check out my favorite Yiddish dictionaries.yiddish glossary

Yiddish-English Dictionary – Online: This one is decent, though it is slow to use. It uses English letters.

Yiddish-English Dictionary – Downloadable: This is best one I’ve found: Uses Hebrew script, so you won’t be able to use it if you can’t read or write Hebrew

Yiddish Glossary – Online: A great resource or popular phrases that have entered the English language It doesn’t use Hebrew letters, which is helpful if you can’t read or write Hebrew.

Yiddish-English Glossary – iPhone App: For translation on the go! Includes over 800 commonly used Yiddish expressions. It’s not comprehensive enough to be that useful, but it sure is cute!

Glossary of Yiddish Expressions: This not the most comprehensive but is hilarious and shows you how to correctly use some real beauties in a sentence

Judasim: Information about Orthodox Jews and the Jewish Lifestyle

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