Will and Kate Plan Mitzvah Tanz for Royal Wedding

Will & KateSources close to the Royal couple have revealed that Prince William and Kate Middleton will do a Mitzvah Tanz at the reception following the Royal Wedding this Friday. Apparently they will hold opposite ends of Will’s favorite monogrammed hankie to perform the traditional Jewish wedding dance.

The future monarch will also break a glass with his foot during the nuptial ceremony at London’s Westminster Abbey, and they are already planning to give their first-born son a bris.

What’s my source for these outrageous yet strangely plausible rumors?

On March 17, The Jewish Chronicle published an article detailing Will and Kate’s plan to integrate the Jewish custom of breaking the glass into their Anglican wedding ceremony. This surprising news quickly spread to blogs all over the web, and was even picked up by several respectable news sites (if you Google “Jewish custom at royal wedding” you will see it’s reported all over the place). Apparently even Palace officials took the report seriously.

The only problem was that this report was not true. In fact, the Jewish Chronicle even published a disclaimer that the article was a “Purim shpiel,” a joke for the Jewish festival of Purim, which is traditionally a time of pranks and merry-making.

Nu, it’s time for everyone to brush up on their pop-culture Yiddish slang already! (That article is good because it includes audio)

Alternatively, you can keep spreading this rumor and embellishing on it, like I did… That might be more fun. Let the spirit of Purim live on!

P.S. Actually the bris part is true – all British royal male babies are traditionally circumsized.

P.S.S. Mazal Tov William and Kate!

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