How to Choose a Yiddish Translator

If you have some Yiddish documents, a good Yiddish translator can help you want to unlock the secrets that they hold about your family history or Jewish heritage.

Various sites offer free machine translation of Yiddish, which in theory could give you a very basic idea of the contents of the document. However, since almost all Yiddish writing is not available in an editable digital format, these free tools are usually useless. That’s because you can’t feed a handwritten text or even a scan of an old typed text into Google Translate! It just doesn’t work!

Your other option is to find a human Yiddish translator who can translate it for you. There are not many of these in the world, and translators who can read old-fashioned Yiddish handwriting are especially rare. Yiddish-English is what is known in the translation industry as an “extremely rare language pair,” which means that there are not many translators out there who have sufficient command of both languages to do a good job. That’s why Yiddish translation is more expensive than Spanish-English, for example. Oy Gevalt! What to do? was created to help you find a good Yiddish translator easily and to get professional Yiddish translations at a reasonable price.

We are here to help you, and our many satisfied customers have testified to our superior service, good prices and outstanding quality.

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