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Sholom Aleichem and welcome to Yiddish Translation!
Do you want to know more about your family history? Do you want to feel close to beloved family members who have passed on? Have you uncovered old documents – Yiddish letters, Yiddish memoirs, Yizkor books and other texts that need Yiddish translation services? These documents are a precious legacy for your family and the Jewish people, but if you can’t read them, it is frustrating.

I am researching my family and found family letters from the 19th Century – I searched from Miami to Manchester for someone to translate them – to no avail. When my grandson said Google Yiddish to English I did – it was my lucky day when I found Yiddish-translation.com – Naomi and her team have turned pieces of paper into ancestors I would love to meet. I actually cried when I found that one of the people mentioned in the letters had perished in the Shoah they had become so real to me. I cannot wait to continue my research. P.S. Did I mention that I found Y.T.com’s charges very reasonable and the speed in which the translations were returned took my breath away. – B. Hamburger, Machester, UK

NEW innovative service: Let us use specialize OCR technology to digitally “skim read” Yizkor Books and other old texts looking for mentions of your relatives. Contact us now for more details!

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My name is Naomi and I head a team of translators specializing in the translation of Jewish historical texts. We translate all kinds of documents and specialize in hard-to-read Yiddish handwriting.
Unlocking the secrets contained in these documents is very exciting for a family. Nothing brings the past to life like these original historical documents:

The letters I asked you to translate were especially important as they were my only link to my great grandfather’s family in Lithuania.  As a result, I asked both you and another translator to simultaneously translate the same documents in order to compare translations and make sure nothing was lost in the process.  Naomi, your translation was at an altogether different level of professionalism than the translation performed by the other party.  Your prose was detailed yet absolutely clear, and you were able to translate some words/expressions that the other translator could not comprehend.  To others – I highly recommend Naomi and will use her services again for any Yiddish translation work. Thank you Naomi for helping me to rescue my family’s documents…and important genealogical information about our past!!!  Best, David A., New York, NY

Most commonly people are looking to translate old letters, postcards, memoirs or Yizkor books. Usually these are either written by their ancestors and relatives, or relate to Jewish genealogy research they are doing. We also often receive requests to translate backs of old photographs, tomb-stones, birth, death and marriage records, novels, poems, and business documents. Every document has a fascinating story behind it! We have also helped people seeking translation of English to Yiddish for the contemporary Yiddish-speaking population, such as articles and questionnaires.
We also work with translators who specialize in translating handwritten Russian, German, and Polish letters and documents, as these languages are often interspersed with other documents needing Yiddish translation.
We are passionate about all kinds of Yiddish translation, so let us help you with yours!
Naomi’s deft and thoughtful translations of old family letters, despite their profound sadness, gave powerful insight to my family struggles. Naomi was extraordinarily conscientious in her translations while, at the same time, very sensitive to my reaction following a reading of them. After a lifetime of these letters gathering dust in the closet, in less than a week Naomi has begun to remove the shroud that has concealed my family’s past. Absolutely priceless. I feel so very fortunate to have stumbled upon yiddish-translation.com and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. Thank you, Naomi. – B.L.
We’ve put together a wealth of free Yiddish resources. You can also read articles about Jewish history, genealogical research and the translation of Yiddish documents.
I will work with you to provide Yiddish Translator services that meat your needs and budget. So join the many people who I have helped to unlock the secrets of their family stories. If that sounds overly dramatic, you can read more testimonials from clients.

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